Why I’m Running

Secure the border

Pro-American Energy

Pro-2nd Amendment


Defend Freedom of Speech, Including on Social Media

Parental Rights and School Choice

Pro-Election Integrity

Stop Critical Race Theory

Ban Foreign Ownership of Oklahoma Land


I am running for Oklahoma’s State Senate to defend Oklahomans against further communist infiltration, and to change our path from godlessness to humility and hard work.

The rule of law is ignored because people do not fear God. The Bible is God’s word and is sufficient for leading a prosperous and peaceful life. Public officials need to appeal to the authority of Scripture more often and with greater deliberation. Elections should be one day, conducted using watermarked paper ballots, with results announced on Election Day.

Economics: China has launched a three decade campaign of unrestricted economic warfare against the United States. They exploit their cheap labor to lure our industries to China, flooding our markets with low-quality goods and decimating our manufacturing base. It’s time to seriously punish companies that sell out to China, so we can keep our industry right here in Oklahoma. Oklahomans should also be protected against debanking from evil bankers and protected from censorship by government-protected tech monopolies.

Culture: Sexual “liberation” and Darwin’s lie of evolution have misled an entire generation of Americans to believe that God does not exist and that degenerate sexual behavior should be accepted. Our children are being exposed to sexually explicit materials at a young age in public school, and have become the targets of the worst kinds of sexual predators. We must speak out and root out perversion from our society for the sake of our children. Moreover, we must give every child the opportunity of life, and raise every child to love their neighbors as God loves us, instead of hating others because their skin color fits a narrative.

Civil Rights: Oklahomans have been bullied and suppressed in the interest of medical tyranny for far too long. Armed police forcibly shut down my restaurant in March of 2020. The unconstitutional and ineffective mask and vaccine mandates must end. We cannot tolerate government totalitarianism in a free society. Employment should never be indexed to a government-forced protocol, and those who have forced experimental vaccines on the people of Oklahoma must be held criminally liable. Oklahomans deserve elected officials who have the courage to say, simply, “that’s illegal”, “I’m not doing that”, and “you can’t force them to do that.”

Oklahomans are a socially conservative and Bible-believing people. We don’t want open borders. We want good pay for honest work. We understand that slick internet presentations and fancy technologies are not a substitute for rugged individualism and strong families. We like our communities to be welcoming, but not flooded with illegal immigrants or unvetted Afghan refugees.

The Oklahoma State Senate is a chokepoint for legislation. It is the right battlefield to have a disproportionate influence on the governance of our State.

The solution for our State is a return to the basics, to repent for our obedience to tyrannical government and to obey God. We look to the Bible for instruction before bureaucrats or credentialed talking heads. We make things here. We grow things here. We stop evil from dominating our homes, our schools, our courts, and our streets. We need the gospel of Jesus Christ – not the curse of communism.