Tulsa World Oped: Still With Jackson

Two Saturdays ago I got a call from an automated poll taker. I was asked about the state Senate District 2 race between Jarrin Jackson and his opponent. When I indicated that I intend to vote for Jackson, the automated messenger proceeded to make accusations against him that the Tulsa World made in a recent editorial (“Stand up to bigotry,” June 26).

As for his alleged anti-Semitism, Jackson is a Christian of the fundamentalist persuasion. They take the Bible literally. John 14:6 states, “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'” That explains his belief about Jews and all religions that do not follow Christ.

As for the rest of your paper’s editorial charges, he’s not woke. In Rogers and Mayes counties, we don’t want someone representing us who is in agreement with this paper’s editorial views. 

You failed to mention that he’s a graduate of West Point, and a former Army Ranger who served with honor in Afghanistan. He chose the military after 9/11 when he was a student at Oologah High School.

The political class does not want Jackson elected because he, like President Donald Trump, is his own man who won’t be told by them what to do once in office. As a practicing Roman Catholic, I may not agree with everything he does regarding religion, but he still has my vote.

Ted King, Claremore

Source: https://tulsaworld.com/opinion/letters/letter-non-woke-jarrin-jackson-still-has-my-vote/article_560fb204-0ec3-11ed-b5e0-6727956e05f2.html?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_tulsaworld