Republican Jarrin Jackson is the America First conservative choice for the Oklahoma State Senate

Gun Owners of America

“Over the last 30 years, GOA has built a nationwide network of attorneys to help fight court battles in almost every state in the nation to protect gun owner rights. GOA staff and attorneys have also worked with members of Congress, state legislators and local citizens to protect gun ranges and local gun clubs from closure by overzealous government anti-gun bureaucrats.”

Veterans For America First

“America is in a state of crisis. Everyone can feel it and see it as the country grows weaker economically, socially, militarily, and spiritually.  The Military Veterans who founded VFAF believe it is our mission to save and revitalize our sick nation. To accomplish this, we created this civil liberties organization. We are uniquely forward-leaning and focused on enacting real social change to overcome the threats we are facing as a nation from both foreign and domestic adversaries. We are inclusive and diverse advocates for Veterans, First Responders, and patriots who believe in America-First principles.  Our goal is to reverse the degradation of American culture on every level through honest conversation, policy, and community engagement.”

Republicans For National Renewal

“Jarrin Jackson is a full-spectrum America First candidate who has emphasized election integrity, border security and free speech during his campaign. He has demonstrated boldness in standing up to the establishment and the fake news media. [RNR is] therefore proud to announce that his campaign has Republicans for National Renewal’s full endorsement.”

Kari Lake

“We need fighters in EVERY state that’s why I’m proud to endorse Jarrin Jackson for Oklahoma State Senate! Jarrin is an America First patriot and does so much to advance our America First movement. RINOs & the Soros media attack him relentlessly because he’s over the target. Jarrin is a winner and a fighter we need in the State Senate!”

Mike Lindell

MyPillow CEO, Trump Advisor

“Jarrin Jackson is a x2 Afghanistan combat veteran, West Point graduate, and Army Ranger School graduate. He has been America First since Day One. Jarrin is a gifted business entrepreneur who won’t back down. He’ll secure our border, secure our elections and stand up to Big Tech. Jackson will root out and defeat the corruption. I unequivocally endorse Jarrin Jackson for the Oklahoma Senate.”

Wendy Rogers

Election Integrity Champion & Arizona State Senator

“I endorse Jarrin Jackson for State Senate in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a deep red state and needs a fighter like Jarrin in office. Jarrin is a West Point graduate and an Afghanistan combat veteran. As a former infantry officer, he has the mentality for what is needed in government in times like this. Jarrin Jackson is a strong proponent of forensic audits and he has no shame in preaching the gospel any place any time. Jarrin will secure our borders, protect our guns and defend children from the evil groomers. Please join me in supporting Jarrin Jackson today – we need him!”

Stew Peters

Host of the Stew Peters Show

“I endorse Republican Jarrin Jackson for State Senate. Oklahoma needs a fighter like Jarrin who loves Jesus and America. Jarrin likes to wear overalls on his land while shooting at his range and riding his tractor, but he is also a combat veteran and a West Point, Airborne School, and Ranger School graduate. Jarrin has the conservative America First bona fides while at the same time he brings those leadership qualities from his years leading men in combat – he is the real deal. I am so glad Jarrin is running and I am behind his campaign 100% Go win, Jarrin. Praying for you, your family, and your campaign, brother.”

Michael Bates

Oklahoma Political Blogger (BatesLine)

“Jarrin Jackson was an infantry officer in Afghanistan and Bronze Star recipient. Jackson received Tom Coburn’s endorsement when challenging incumbent congressman Markwayne Mullin in 2016 for the seat Coburn once held. Jackson was a frequent guest on KFAQ’s Pat Campbell Show, which gave a wide audience opportunity to observe his intelligent analysis and commitment to America’s founding principles.”

Seth Keshel

Trump-Recognized Election Integrity Champion

“Jarrin Jackson stands as an exemplary patriot seeking to restore liberty to his constituents. A leader forged in combat, he will choose hard rights over easy wrongs and support an America First agenda that benefits every citizen, from ensuring confidence in elections, to opposing tyrannical mandates, and to pushing back against cultural Marxism. Jarrin has my full endorsement for Oklahoma State Senate District 2.”

Mark Finchem

Election Integrity Champion & Trump-Endorsed Candidate for AZ Secretary of State

“Jarrin Jackson is a West Point graduate, x2 combat veteran and owns an ammo company. He will defend our guns, our elections, our children, our border and America. Jarrin is a fighter and I give him my complete and total endorsement. Too many people want to say buzzwords and think they can earn your vote. Vote for the combat vet who has fought before. We need fighters like Jarrin in office at this critical time. Please help Jarrin get in office ASAP.”

Muskogee Politico

“[Jarrin Jackson] would be a great, conservative addition to the State Senate. Highly recommend.”

Website: https://www.muskogeepolitico.com

Oklahoma Liberty Ticket

The Oklahoma Liberty Ticket is a group of Oklahoma patriots who vet candidates all over Oklahoma to advance the cause of liberty. For their 2022 list, the group has endorsed Jarrin Jackson for Oklahoma State Senate District 2.

Website: https://www.makeoklahomafreeagain.com

Stand for Health Freedom

“Stand for Health Freedom supports candidates who make and protect policy to support individual and family choice in matters of health and bodily autonomy. We believe Jarrin Jackson will defend and expand these rights for Oklahoma residents.”

Jarrin Jackson Signs Seth Keshel’s Contract With America II

“This document is intended to give voters confidence and insight into who backs actionable reform into America’s most critical political issue.  It will serve as a form of accountability once a candidate is elected and will raise awareness to these points as we move ahead in time.”